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●Light weight / Compact design
●The high speed measurement of about 20 seconds
●Bias self-adjustment function
●Average value calculation function

TM-3500 comes in useful for stable supply of grain products.



Light weight / Compact design

TM-3500 can be carried easily as portable because of its compact design about 6.6kg.

The high speed measurement with about 20 seconds

For analyzing the rice, just press the measurement button only, it’s simple operation.  It takes only 20 seconds to obtain the analysis result. 

Bias self-adjustment function

TM-3500 equips a bias automatic adjusting function.
In order to coordinate with criteria, only measureing a standard sample is required. 
Bar code reader(*optional accessory) is used to input the standard value to the main unit.
*It is necessary to calculate the difference of a standard value and measurements value in the case of the bias manual adjustment.

Average value calculation function

TM-3500 makes an analysis average amount at the maximum nine times of one sample.
TM-3500 achieve the whole average value from the different sorts sample by measuring several times.

Operation method

Sample charge Set the cell Measurement start Calculation


Easily ! Bar code entry .

It is very convenient if the bar code reader (*optional accessory)connect to TM-3500,because it’s easy to reading the grain sample name and etc.

  1. Read bar code of the grain sample name.
  2. The grain sample name is displayed on the screen.
  3. The grain sample name is printed on output data.



The high-efficiency measurement by the high-performance “polychrometor”.

TM-3500 is able to output the continued wavelengths from 500nm to 1010nm by built-in the highest optical system polychrometor.
TM-3500 realized the highly precise measurement by the most suitable wavelength of calibration.
It could be that stable measurements result without the unevenness of measurements between numbers of each instrument.