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Product Line


Since we, Shizuoka Seiki Co., Ltd. was established on 1914, we have explored and developed new technology for agricultural and industrial market. We are contributing and will contribute to successful life for all people by our core competence.

Agricultural Products

Analyzers & Inspectors

Industrial Heaters

Environmental Products

Agricultural Products

Grain Dryers – PRO, SAC, PCE

All dryers equip moisture meter and can make the moisture content of rice, wheat(barleycorn), soybean and buckwheat to decrease to desired amount by far-infrared ray and hot air.

Grain Dryers - PRO, SAC, PCE

Cool Storages – GBX Series

To keep grain, vegetable or others at low temperature allow them to remain fresh. Because there are various size and preset temperature of cool storages, suitable model can be chosen.


Electric Dry Storages – DS J

This is multipurpose dry warehouse and can dry vegetables or fruits etc. Any foodstuffs or materials can be dried evenly because hot air spreads into every corner of warehouse.

Electric Dry Storages - DS J

Rice Color Sorter – SCS 32S

By a color sensor and double high-end camera, this color sorter can distinguish a small mark measuring. Thus secure sorting is available.


Spiral Flow Cyclone Mill – SM

Finish fine powder at your size, by way of its unique smashing technology of “spiral flow”. Smallest size: 10 micron particle. This can be used for any material.

Patent Number 3725330

Spiral Flow Cyclone Mill - SM

Rice Huskers

Rice is husked by centrifugal, compaction and frictional force. With the vibratory separation, superior separation and sufficient finish is available.

Rice Huskers

Analyzers & Inspectors

Moisture Meters

With high-performance moisture meter, it can measure the moisture in each grain. Or quick measurement with simple operation is available by handy moisture meter.


Rice Inspector – ES-V

Achieves high-speed and high-precision measurement that defeats conventional common sense. It can be used in all situations such as rice inspection, milling control and quality control at Rice plant, and in research institutes.

Rice Analyzers – TM-3500, SGE

These analyzers can measure rice’s five items which are moisture, protain, amylose, aliphatic acid and score. TM-3500 adopts polychromator and SGE adopts monochromator so that they can permit a sufficient and stable measured result.

TM3500 SGE

Industrial Heaters

Infrared Oil Heaters – VAL6, Sunstove

VAL6 and Sun Stove are high heat output and efficiency oil heaters. Because of their infrared ray, those heaters can be used in several applications.


Far-infrared Oil Heaters – SE series

SE series are indirect heaters and emit much far-infrared ray efficiently. Their radiant heat penetrates evenly on and into surfaces just sunlight.

SE150 SE200

Forced Oil Air Heaters – Hotgun series

Hotgun forced oil air heaters heat the air with its high efficiency combustion system, and a conversion rate from fuel to energy of nearly 100%.

Forced Oil Air Heaters - Hotgun series

Far-infrared Electric Heater – WPS

Because of NO smell, NO wind and NO noise, WPS heater is suitable for various application such as office, showroom, electric and electronic factories or food factories, etc.

Far-infrared Electric Heater - WPS

Environmental Products

Evaporative Air Coolers – RKF series

RKF cools the air by means of the evaporation of water.

Due to this natural principle, no exhaust heat and low power consumption are achieved.

Evaporative Air Coolers - RKF series

Evaporative humidifier – HSE

Our humidifier can solve electrostatic hazard. This may contribute to decrease failure or waste of time.

Evaporative humidifier - HSE

Trolley Sweeper

Without power source anyone can use this trolley sweeper whenever and wherever you want. Dust, gravel, glass chip or paper piece are cleared away.

Trolley Sweeper

Air Blower

This is high airflow blower and designed for user-friendliness and lasting against high impact or humidity.

Air Blower

Garbage Disposer – LE

Turn garbage into compost with less power consumption. Its compost become quality garden dressing.

Garbage Disposer - LE