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Advantages of VAL6

VAL6 is the most fuel efficient space heater on the market

This feature has unmatched value providing many applications. The VAL6 can start up or shut off inseconds and reaches peak efficiency in less than a nimute. Since the VAL6 doesn't lose heat to the air, it uses less fuel and BTU's to go way beyond the comfort level of any standard portable heater.


Sunlight Warmth
VAL6′s radiant heat penetrates evenly on and into surfaces just like sunlight.


Best Choice for Outdoors
VAL6′s performance is unique in the outdoors and unlike forced air heaters, which lose heat from wind and cold air.


No Air Movement Dust Free
VAL6 generates straightforward infrared heat which is unaffected by air flow, thus creating a comfortable and dust-free environment.


VAL6′s perfect combustion system produces no odor and no smoke while running. The exhaust gas goes upward.