CTR-500F series

Fast and continuous moisture measurement analyzer

Communication Functions

By connecting to a personal computer, data processing of measurement values can be freely performed.

Development and modified Calibration Curve

Custom calibration could be created with CTR-500F application.
Application is available on https://www.shizuoka-seiki.co.jp/english/products/analyzer/moisturemeter/ctr-500fe/softwear/

More accurate measurement

CTR-500F series provides measurement of paddy and wheat with up to 40% moisture.
High moisture content of grains can also be measured.

Outcome of poor drying grains can quickly be found on LCD screen

Intuitive Color Touch screen

Intuition tells you that getting on simple and easy to use with large LCD screen.

Internal Printer

Histogram, single kernel result, and many types of result could be printed out.

How to use CTR-500F series

How to maintain CTR-500F series