RKF406α-E / RKF506-A

RKF Evaporative Air Cooler

RKF provide superior performance more when the outside temperature is high

RKF cooler delivers 5C(9F) cooler air than that of ambient temperature.
Fan blades are specially designed to deliver cooler air farther away.

Differences from Air conditioner

【Power consumption】
   Evaporative air cooler RKF 406α-E : 0.245kW
   Typical air conditioner                    : 1.72kW

【CO2 emission】
   Evaporative air cooler RKF 406α-E : 0.119kg
   Typical air conditioner                    : 0.839kg

RKF shows one-seventh amount in both perspectives.
This means RKF is particularly Eco-friendly product.

No exaust heat

RKF will not emit hot exhaust as air conditioners do.

Wide cool air distribution

RKF 506-A : 9m(27ft) ahead / 6m(18ft) in wide area
RKF 406α-E : 6m(18ft) ahead / 3m(9ft) in wide area

Wider cooling area with automatic horizontal and wertical swing louvers.

Several usuful functions

Easy maintenance

To keep cooling performance and cleanliness, periodic replacement of cooling element is required.  It's easy to replace.  (Recommended period: every 1 - 2 years)
Also, an attachable water tank is easy to be cleaned up.

Water refreshener tablet (Optional)

Water refreshener tablet prevents the water in tank from odor and maintains cleanly.  This tablet preserves approximate one month.
(8 hours/day, 22 days/month)

*At customs clearance, import permission is required in some countries

Water drip tray

Water tray was added to prevent drips when the tank is detached.
Deliver gentle coolness

Efficient cooling at open area