FIR1300 / FIR2000

Appearance FIR1300
Appearance FIR2000

Safer and deeper heat penetration with less intensity.
"Far infrared ray and wide radiant heat. Becoming warm from inside. This heater carries the properties of far infrared heat which by nature is able to penetrate deeper into objects in the way sun light works."

Features of Far Infrared Rays

Far infrared ray the longest rays among infrared rays. With high permeability into objects, it is able to heat not only on the surface but also inside simultaneously.
By the nature of far infrared rays, the object's surface temperature is relatively low and safe.

Key Features

  • Clean Exhaust by perfect combustion
  • Low noise design allows for quiet operation
  • Non-open flame safety design
  • Space saving, thin-flat design
  • Can be operated with built-in thermostat